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Plastic bags are packed per 5kg. If you want to know the number of Pcs in a 5kg bag, please have a look at the coloumn Qty in 5Kg for the respective material you want.
The price for the material is per 1Kg if the material is packed per 5Kg and per Pcs if it is packed per Pcs.
CodeSpecificationSize (cm)Photo
BL10ldpe-black liner-u bottom seal[W10"xH8"]0.1mm.
BL12ldpe-black liner-u bottom seal[W12"xH8"]0.1mm.
BL14ldpe-black liner-u bottom seal[W14"xH9"]0.1mm.
BL16ldpe-black liner-u bottom seal[W16"xH9"]0.1mm.
BL17ldpe-black liner-u bottom seal[W17"xH9"]0.1mm.
BL18ldpe-black liner-u bottom seal[W18"xH9"]0.1mm.
BL20ldpe-black liner-normal[W20"xH9"]0.1mm.
PL10ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W10"xH19"]0.06mm
PL12ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W 12"xH19"]0.06mm
PL14ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W 14"xH22"]0.06mm
PL16ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W16"xH22"]0.06mm
PL17ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W17"xH24"]0.06mm.
PL18ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W18"xH24"]0.06mm.
PL20ldpe-pl-normal seal[W20"xH26"]0.07mm.
PL42ldpe-pl-normal seal-[W26"xH46"]0.1mm.
PL6ldpe-pl-normal seal-[W6"x H16"]0.06mm
PL7ldpe-pl-normal seal-[W7"x H16"]0.06mm.
PL8ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W 8"xH16"]0.06mm
PL9ldpe-pl-u bottom seal[W 9"xH17"]0.06mm.

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