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Farms and Technology

Fish Farm at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The farm which boasts of an experienced staff has all facilities. The farm has three sections, namely, Breeding section, Growth section and Quarantine section with all concrete tanks. The monthly production capacity of this facility is 75,000 fish. Furthermore, this facility has a large number of tanks for stocking and quarantining freshwater fish.

Large modern facility for fast & efficient response to all your needs. Stocking & quarantine tanks to maintain the health of your fish. Fish for the most part go direct from our tanks into the export bags resulting in minimal stress. Modern packing facility only minutes from the cargo terminal.

Holding facility of Red Sea Ornamental Marine Fish at Massawa in Eritrea

This project was developed by the Government of Eritrea to create employment opportunities and put the farm to good use. The facility has received the approval of the ministry of fisheries. This project has not only created employment but also revenue which generated opportunities to the country and particularly to the surrounding community. Presently more than 25 locals and foreigners alike are directly employed by the facility.

The Holding facility is conbrstructed from fibreglass and glass which hold the fish with a circulating system of sea water. In order to maintain the proper PH of the stock holding, we treat the salt water with fresh water. The system has biofilters, protein skimmers, pressure filters, UV light sterilizers, sand filters and cooling systems to maintain the proper temperature (25 degree). The Holding facility is blessed with Sea water suitable for fish throughout the stocking time, with no water treatment needed.

The yearly Holding capacity is above 75,000 fish. The holding facility is to be developed further bearing in mind the fact that an international airport is presently being built at Massawa which is 5km away from the facility, this will facilitate direct exports from the holding and minimize local transport in the process.

Packaging Technology

Pictures below illustrate how we packed fishes that has been graded and selected for export.

As noted in pictures below, all fishes are packed in a Styrofoam box to ensure proper protection against temperature fluctuation. The Styrofoam boxes are further protected by a corrugated cardboard box. Fishes are packed with double layered polyethylene bags with optimum packing density. Below are more pictures demonstrating our packing processes to ensure healthy stock deliveries.